On his way to becoming an international icon, the subversive and secretive street artist turned the art world upside-down, very little is known about Banksy himself, as he refuses to be interviewed and keeps his identity carefully maintained. A world-renowned mystery man, Banksy has risen through the ranks to become one of the world’s greatest street artists partly by creating an urgency to understand his character.

Arguably the most controversial street artist in the world, Banksy has developed an entire art subculture devoted to his works. Banksy’s art can impact any location at any given moment.

The most common form of street art Banksy uses are stencils. These are often in the form of multi-layered stencils and/or combined with other media sources, such as spray-paint. He also includes anything found in the streets like street signs and other objects to convey his message by crafting beautiful street art installations. His artwork is often satirical and combines dark humour with graffiti and also spread messages across art, philosophy, and politics.

In 2013, in order to denounce the art market’s nonsense when it comes to pricing artworks, he hired someone to sell his printed artworks on the street. Each one of these was sold 60$, the lucky people who bought one were absolutely sure it was a fake, because of the price. The video Banksy published the day after soon went viral, and now these artworks are worth $20 000 at auction.

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