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Bradley Theodore

Bradley Theodore has been an internationally inclined artist and collaborator. Theodore’s beginnings as an artist came from adorning the streets of New York City with vibrant, chromatic murals of skeletons depicting contemporary pop culture and fashion “royalty.”

Bradley Theodore is known for his colourful paintings and prints of fashion icons. Including Kate Moss, Karl Lagerfeld, Kendall Jenner and Anna Wintour. Theodore portrays people he has met at parties as well as historic figures like Marie Antoinette both skeleton and themselves

He is a multi-disciplinary artist whose iconoclastic approach to art can be found internationally, from 10-foot murals to sold-out solo exhibitions in London. Evoking the universality of colour, skeletons, and celebrity. Bradley Theodore distils figures to skeletal forms, a confrontation that the artist calls “an act of living”, pushing colour to express memory, emotion, and lived experiences.

Bradley has often been described as Jean Michel Basquiat meets Banksy – with his sometimes politically motivated colourful creations causing a stir across his hometown

“I really want to make sure that I do the best that I can do and work with the best people, “I’m a painter. I want to be the best painter I can be. If I do this, I want to work with the best person.”

By Bradley Theodore

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