The official poster for the 2020 MEART exhibition – VIRTUALLY ENDLESS.

The artwork on this poster was originally displayed on the desolate streets of Hackney Wick before sunrise, just days before the lockdown was announced.

The piece depicts a collaged face, including Cara Delevingne’s eye, assembled to create a ‘media perfect’ cover model. The figure stands within an ornate archway and clutches one of Endless Chapel bottles and a toy cross, revealing a juxtaposition of classical artwork imagery and contemporary aesthetics. This also denotes the artists ‘brand worship’ ethos, where he comments on the way luxury items are worshiped in the modern world.

All proceeds from the posters sales are to be donated to our chosen charity – Arts Emergency.

‘Arts Emergency is an award-winning mentoring charity and network. Our mission is to help marginalised young people overcome barriers to participation and success in higher education and the creative and cultural industries.

“We believe passionately that those with the most potential are often the least able to pay for education, the least able to pull favours or access helpful networks, to work for free, or find shortcuts into paid creative and cultural work.” Josie Long, co-founder’

Size : 29.7 x 42cm

Limited edition signed poster £10.00
Digital poster – FREE

All proceeds go to Arts Emergency charity